Reductions of costs and of timeframes; reinforced quality control and improved traceability; our range of HRIS offers is designed to support you step by step in choosing solutions adapted to your real needs. Our expertise in the market and in solutions themselves means we can propose the optimal system for you, going above and beyond purely technical or organisational approaches.

Our in-depth knowledge and experience of HRIS processes that have become fundamental constitute additional savoir-faire for putting in place the tailored tools of your business’s HR function.

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HR Start-ups

Today start-ups constitute essential economic actors attracting steadily more attention, challenging norms and conventional wisdom whilst simultaneously raising a number of questions. Are they viable? Are they truly innovative? Are they pertinent in the context of a company’s specific needs? ConvictionsRH is here to help you answer all of these questions!

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Functional Administration

Following the implementation of your HRIS, you should be seeking to sustain the optimal effectiveness of your solution. How can you secure and manage the subsequent releases and upgrades of your HRIS, and ensure NRT?

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HRIS Audit

We support you in redefining your processes and adapting your HR and HRIS tools accordingly in order to make human capital a focal point of your strategy.

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SaaS Business Support Consultant

In a constantly evolving HRIS market, calling on a Business Support Consultant is a pertinent and secure way of benefitting from an up-to-date methodology and a dedicated service to help frame and manage your projects; to design and configure your new HR system and to monitor roll-outs, as well as support change management.

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HRIS Specifications, Request for Proposals and Selection Process

Feel like you need expert support in elaborating the optimal HRIS specifications for the specific needs of your company? Need some guidance selecting the “best fit” HRIS technology and solution to meet those specifications? From the framing of the future solution to guiding you through the selection process, we accompany you at each step of the way to help secure the design, expression and utility of your HRIS specifications.

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